American Steakhouse

The quintessential American steakhouse meal, chef style.

First Course

Wedge Salad
Fresh iceberg wedge with cherry tomato, red onion, applewood smoked bacon, blue cheese dressing, candied pecans and a balsamic reduction.

Main Course

Grilled Filet
Well-seasoned sirloin filet, grilled to desired temperature, and finished on cedar planks.

Lobster Tail
Tender, oven roasted lobster tail, marinated and served fluffed on the shell.


Classic Baked Potato
Served with butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon and chives.

Garlic-Peppered Broccoli
Blanched and seasoned.


Warm Brownie Sundae
Fresh-baked brownie, served with vanilla bean ice cream, warm fudge and whipped cream.

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