Sample Menus

While each meal I prepare for you and your guests can be completely customized based on your personal tastes and dietary restrictions, here are a few of my clients’ favorite menus to give you an idea of the choices available.

Seasonal Gourmet

A collection of client favorites designed for a gourmet dinner to remember.

Contemporary Comfort

A fresh, modern spin on comfort food, combining rich flavors with lighter selections.

Rustic Italian

Bring the family traditions and values of Italy into your home with this rustic Italian feast.

Modern Americana

Contemporary and gourmet client favorites for a formal affair.

Taste of the Southwest

A sampling of flavors from the American Southwest.

Small Plates & Pairings

A taste of flavors through various small plate dishes and wine pairings.

American Steakhouse

The quintessential American steakhouse meal, chef style.

Shareable Bites

A collection of easy-to-eat appetizers designed for a casual cocktail party.

Seasonal Selection

An ever-changing menu of seasonal choices.


Ready to wow your guests with a one-of-a-kind in-home dining experience?